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You take care of the patient - We'll take care of the data.

Mammologix Makes it Easy

Are you striving to elevate the quality and effectiveness of your breast imaging services? Mammologix is here to transform your practice. Its patient-focused approach ensures that every aspect of care is tailored to meet the unique needs of those you serve.

Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency

Healthcare providers specializing in mammography can experience a significant boost in operational efficiency through partnership.

Mammologix, as a specialized outsourced service for record management, seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow. This integration is key to simplifying compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) and other regulatory requirements, enhancing quality assurance and accreditation processes.

Tracking Patient Data

Transform Your Breast Imaging Practice: Partner with Mammologix for Advanced Patient Outcome Tracking.


Explore the Ease and Cost Effectiveness of Mammologix’s Patient-Friendly Lay Results Communication System.

Compiling Audit Data

Discover Mammologix’s Top-Quality Audit and Reporting Solutions Designed to Ease Your Practice’s Complex Needs.

Rethinking Software: Service First

Patient care should be the heart of every breast imaging facility. That’s why Mammologix offers more than just software. We are a comprehensive outsourced service provider dedicated to enabling your staff to focus on delivering exceptional patient care. Let our expert team meticulously handle the complexities of specific record-keeping, patient lay communications, tracking, outcome auditing, and reporting for your facility. Mammologix meets regulatory obligations while you elevate patient care to new heights!

Data-Driven Reporting and Compliance

Mammologix excels in tracking and auditing outcomes, including follow-up imaging and biopsies. This results in practical, personalized communication with patients and a comprehensive compilation of medical outcome audits. With Mammologix, reporting is an effective and efficient tool that ensures your practice stays ahead in compliance and patient care management.

Refocusing on Direct Patient Care

Breast imaging professionals can use Mammologix’s solution capabilities to ensure precise and efficient record-keeping. This allows your staff to redirect their focus toward providing direct patient care. By partnering with Mammologix, your breast center saves valuable time, reduces administrative burdens, and achieves cost-effective compliance with regulatory standards.

Sustainable Practices and Enhanced Outcomes

Mammologix’s solutions are designed to improve efficiency, ensure ease of access to critical data, and enhance the capabilities of your breast imaging center. With a comprehensive approach, it provides the tools and support needed for risk management, quality practices, and ensuring superior patient navigation and outcomes.

Leading with Excellence in Mammography Data Services

Mammologix is not just a solution—It’s a transformational tool that propels your breast imaging practice into a new era of efficiency, compliance, and patient-centered care.

Lay Letters Created & Dispatched Annually

MQSA, Key Performance Indicators, Quality Reports Quarterly

Imaging Procedures Placed into Tracking Daily

Experience the Mammologix Difference!

Our top priority is every customer’s journey toward smoother workflows and enhanced patient care.


“Since starting with Mammologix, we’ve been able to shift focus much more on patient care, confidently relying on their expertise for tracking, patient communications, and reporting tasks.”

Lead Mammography Technologist
South Atlantic US


“I oversee 9 mammography locations, and I can tell you 100% that I could not do it without the support from the people at Mammologix. The employees are complete experts in their field—They can find and report data that I didn’t even know existed!”

Imaging Department Administration
South Atlantic US


“Mammologix will go the extra mile to give you what your business needs. No matter the size of the facility or the number of patients you do, I wholeheartedly recommend Mammologix for all your reporting needs.”

Breast Imaging Navigator
Mid-Atlantic US


“Mammologix is and will always be the gold standard for Mammography Reporting and tracking systems. They have real people working in real-time to make sure you have the correct data available when you need it. With Mammologix, I have never had to worry about an audit or report needed for any accreditation. I can rest assured that the information I need will be there when I need it. Not only is their quality top-notch, but so is the service. I can personally attest to needing something last minute and being able to reach out to the Mammologix Team for help. They have worked on their off time, evenings, and weekends to make sure I had what I needed in a pinch. Not like other reporting systems that ask you to ‘put in a ticket,’ to which you may or may not eventually get an answer.”

Breast Imaging Manager
West South Central US


“Mammologix is a respected organization that we are proud to partner with. Their support plays a vital role in our commitment to delivering safe exceptional care.”

Lead Mammography Technologist
East North Central US


“Mammologix’s commitment to detail and accuracy is incomparable. They are action-oriented problem solvers who understand our ‘patient-first’ responsibility and priority.”

Mammography Technician
New England


“Taking on the everyday tedious and time-consuming tasks that are necessary to ensure organizational compliance and timely patient/provider communication is what Mammologix does best.”

Breast Imaging Navigator
South Atlantic US


“Mammologix is made up of a team of solution-seekers who prove their commitment to customer satisfaction over and over.”

Imaging Workflow Coordinator
East South Central US


“Mammologix has taken the tedious tracking work out of our mammogram workspace. They have a convenient, easy-to-use website that puts all the required information together in a report for our radiologists and inspectors. The crew is always a phone call away to troubleshoot and help with any specific needs we have.”

Imaging Department Administration
East South Central US


“After seeing what other EMR Mammo reporting systems look like, I’d choose a Mammologix-partnered facility over all others. Mammologix makes it easy!”

Imaging Informatics Specialist
West South Central US

About Mammologix

Mammologix is a service-focused organization supporting clients in the breast imaging sector. It specializes in providing comprehensive data management, patient tracking, lay communication assistance, and mammography outcome audit reporting. Mammologix’s available services and tools are all essential for maintaining accreditation and certification as a breast imaging center.

By leveraging Mammologix’s expertise and scalable solutions, its unique model allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care. Mammologix brings an economy of scale and cost-effectiveness that’s challenging to find anywhere else in today’s healthcare landscape.

Mammologix Moment

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