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Unlocking Excellence in Mammography

At Mammologix Services, our journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the world of mammography requires not just technology but also skilled human resources to make sense of the data generated by the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1994 (MQSA). Founded by Richard ‘Rick’ Lippert, a former radiologic technologist and Medical Imaging Director, Mammologix was born out of a deep commitment to improving the mammography landscape by offering services tailored to each breast imaging facility’s needs.

Our Vision

Over our many years of service, Mammologix has witnessed firsthand the many challenges clients face to retain accreditation with the constant evolution of MQSA mandates. A pivotal moment marked the birth of Mammologix: While working with the manager of a small rural imaging center who was contemplating a substantial investment to track and report outcomes for a few weekly mammograms, we realized a service specialized to their needs was missing. By harnessing the power of economies of scale through an outsourced service, Mammologix was created to provide specially tailored services by partnering with clients. We remove the burden of complex software and allow partners to focus on patient care while we take care of the data.

Why Mammologix


Our team of seasoned professionals has a deep, specialized understanding of mammography. You can trust that your reporting is in capable hands

Customized Solutions

We recognize that every facility is different, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless fit for your unique operation.


Our extensive track record and commitment to quality assurance mean you can rely on Mammologix Services to deliver accurate and timely reporting.

Cost Effective

We understand the importance of managing costs in healthcare. You’ll save time, money, and resources by outsourcing your mammography reporting to us.

Our Journey of Impact

Since our inception in 1995, Mammologix Services has been a trusted partner, providing crucial reporting for thousands of MQSA inspections. We have served hundreds of facilities, meticulously tracking tens of millions of examinees undergoing hundreds of millions of breast imaging and interventional procedures. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we understand that every client is unique, each with their own challenges and needs. That’s why we are dedicated to serving our clients in a way that caters to their distinctive attributes while delivering the highest quality tracking and outcome reporting, all in an economically efficient manner.

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Mammologix Services is more than a reporting service; we are your dedicated partner in the world of mammography. Our founder’s vision and commitment to practicality have propelled us to where we are today. We serve the diverse needs of facilities nationwide with superior customer service and peerless attention to detail.

Trust us to unlock excellence in mammography reporting while you focus on providing the best care for your patients. When it comes to mammography, choose Mammologix Services – where expertise meets excellence.

You take care of the patient. 

We'll take care of the data.

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